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wooden architecture

Welcome to WAB studio

Local Rest... Nosara Living

We are an architecture and design studio located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica with a contemporary tropical design concept in synergy with the climate, nature and people 

Listen to the sound of your dream, which with WAB studio can come true


Our focus on local and sustainable architecture allows us to create unique and harmonious spaces with the natural environment. From luxury villas to simple and cozy beach houses, our team of architects and consultants ensure that each project is personalized and caters to the needs and desires of our clients.

LANDSCAPE PORTFOLIO wabarchitects 8.jpg

We are an architecture studio specialized in creating spaces to live and enjoy on the coast with our beach house project.Local Rest Nosara Living. We are passionate about the internal and external design of vacation homes and homes for those seeking tranquility and escape from the city. Our consulting services & consulting, preliminary project, design and inspection guarantee that your project is executed without problems and with the highest standards.

LANDSCAPE PORTFOLIO wabarchitects 11.jpg

Every project we undertake is an opportunity to create something special and unique. We are proud to work with our clients to create homes and spaces that reflect their lifestyle and personality. From planning to construction, we are with you every step of the way.

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